Yiru Chen’s wearable art piece is from an ongoing project named “ In N Out”. Inspired by psychology as well as Japanese animation, she pulled out her unpleasant memories of distrust people in the teenage years, aimed to interpreted different faces of human-being. In this project, Yiru combined soft knitting and recycled clothing to express the duality of human nature.

People are multifaceted. They usually act differently in different situations, and that is how interesting human beings are. But sometimes it is also scary, because we may sense, but we never know what people really look like under their outer demeanor. I came up the idea of “peeling off” to explain outside and inside of human. The prototype on the right side bottom clearly shows the idea.
I chose a man's suit as my ideal starting point because it is a symbol of people who are well-educated, decent and respectable in the minds of most. However, when they take off the suit, who knows what they would be? According to this idea, I altered the lining of the suit jacket. I combined recycled t-shirts and stuffing and I machine knitted part together and then mixed it with hand knitting and crocheted pieces.