After earning her undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics, Yiwei entered the Post-Baccalaureate Program following an internship as a user interface designer at Microsoft in Beijing. Now she continues her study in fashion area in the master program of SAIC. With a strong foundation in mathematics and professional mathematical experience, transitioning to fashion design is not a random leap for her, but a journey to connect these two fields. Yiwei is inspired by the many questions that arise naturally along the way as she finds exciting new paths to pursue. In her eyes, math has its own rhythm that inspires artworks just waiting to be discovered. She evolves through each new experience, resistant to pressure as she adapts to different ideas.

This collection emerged from Yiwei’s deep discovery of desire and fear. Black motivates inherent aggression and impulse. Fancy, attractive, yet also dangerous, desire hides in black. We do not need to learn to desire, as we know the poverty, the brevity and the disappointment of human joy. It comes from the heart, immerses the heart, yet torments the heart.

This collection makes use of the degree of tightness of different materials: knitted fabric, breakable lace and old leather. They are pulled tight and held together by heavy hand-made decorative elements. Upon close inspection, each piece brims with details. Connecting to Yiwei’s math and science background, 3D printing combines with fabric for components of the looks she designed.