‘Mother in transformation’ explores the many roles a mother and women take on in our modern society and giving them the freedom to adapt to various situations. The inspiration comes from Yiwen’s mother, a working mother who has many different roles. Yiwen noticed that her mom transformed her character by changing different outfits in different situations.

During the process of mixing elements from different situations, Yiwen explored some distinctive textures and colours in her mom’s wardrobe that can represent the specific situation, such as the pattern of her suit, the structure of her apron and pyjamas. Yiwen translated the traditional pattern to create new fabrics through a range of contemporary designs, texture and yarns presented as fashion outcomes.

The collection mixed various characterises of a modern woman, giving them the freedom to transfer from different roles, some panels of one garment are detachable in adapt to different situations. Also in the choice of material, Yiwen mixed the characteristics of different situations, such as the simple apron made of fancy Lurex monofilament and the pajama made of elastic yarn, making these traditional patterns and outfits looks contemporary with creative knit fabrics.