In Systemaphilia, Yong Hui explores the relationship between the legal system and the youth in Malaysia towards LGBTQ+ issues. The concept of styling is inspired by the neglected homoerotic art from his culture. He has combined the elements of the artwork with BDSM culture to create fashion characters that express the dominant and submissive role played by the system and the youth.

The fashion used in this project are sourced mostly from his own wardrobe, with some scrap pieces of fabric and some accessorises borrowed from his colleagues. He has also made a contemporary version of dudou, a traditional female undergarment that he has noticed being worn by men in the Chinese homoerotic art.

Yong Hui believes that fashion is especially powerful in its ability to act as an empty canvas, an open space for people to express their thoughts, beliefs and narratives. In this project, he has demonstrated how fashion can be experimented by just utilising his limited resources through collaboration and creativity. He thinks that fashion should be an enjoyable activity like art that can be experienced by everyone regardless of social status, education and background.