Youri got a lot of ideas from her recent interests, and recently, reading Sartre's existentialist book, it was interesting to note that the portrayal of humans dealing with anxiety is quite similar to the present time.Her collection keyword is “Abstract Anxiety”. When the TV is turned on, people's anxiety becomes an issue at various events, and ideas are mainly obtained from various media such as news and social media.

She often carefully looks at the peculiar movements of the people she captures or the features of a particular event and takes pictures of her all the time to save the moment. She also gets a lot of design ideas from unintended things. It gives her important ideas for her design and sometimes helps her not to lose the initial direction of her project.
Youri tried to show off the silhouettes and details she considers most important. She chose a fabric with strong draping properties because she liked the fabric that was strong but soft and coexisted, but in order to show the overall mood of the garment, it would not have an impact to connect only with fabric, so she connected wires to the sleeves.