The theme of Yu Gong’s collection is looking at how to apply outdoor rescuing elements to contemporary fashion. Due to the climate change and pollution, in the future, human beings need to face some nature disasters and extreme weather condition. So functional protective clothes and equipment using in boating and hiking would be necessary for outdoor survival.

During the process, Yu Gong used creative deconstruction, material innovation to break, and reorganize the original rescue clothing and equipment. Tons of collages, drawings, fabric manipulation experiments were combined to develop the final collection. In addition, she inherited and innovated the form and handcraft technique of traditional clothing, integrated it into the mordern fashion design. New technologies like heat press and digital print worked together to develop contemporary pattern design on the new composite textiles.

Creative deconstruction goes through the development to break the traditional formof functional clothing. The idea is how the designer incorporating “deconstruction” and “sustainability” together through practice such as material manipulation, testing and draping. Yu wants to search for new thoughts of athleisure clothing in the future by gathering outdoor sports elements into contemporary fashion design and make them adjustable.