Yu Wen Liu’s graduate collection “Revolution Orbita:Kepler’s No.7 Law” is inspired by a installation art which made by a Polish artists Alicja Kwade .From her work ,she was attracted by its shape and the work gave her something can't describe . After that ,she started to find some information about her works . She want to express something between universe .She also very interested in it. So she started to studying information about the universe and planetary orbits.She saw a lot of theorems and diagrams, trying to find the relation between balance, gravity , planetary orbits, clothes.

Exploring, following, and pursuing, all in different orbits, But the planets always surround the same star.If you were far out in space, you would see that sun neither rises nor sets,but that it shines continuously...... The planet revolves around the sun. We are also revolving around something, pursuing it. At the moment, we may not see the trace of paying for it, but it has silently left a trail, just like this device, which is loaded with the balance of future reality.Rotating and tracking the sun like an orbit and a planet.

The outlines of the clothes are all lined and tight-fitting, and the stretched cloth is used to present the feeling of gravity between the planets...you can see its have a lot of streamline .That she wants to express the orbital shape.

This is Yuwen’s final collection line up. She didn't do the installation before .This is a new challenge to me.becouse the design thinking should be transferred from plane thinking to three-d thinking . The lines of the orbits want to be presented using steel materials. The rotating planets are connected into a trajectory, endlessly eternal.