For the first two-year study at Central Saint Martins, I was always trying to figure out my own way of expression on fashion. The feeling is abstract, shapeless and different to everybody, so how to express my own feelings accurately on a body and meanwhile, the structural relationship between fabrics and bodies became two large subjects for me to dissolve for the first two years. Thinking it in an artistic way, but creating them based on fashion, to get a balance between these two also became a large subject for me to figure out.

I am a womenswear designer, however, after getting more understandings of menswear through the five-month internship at a menswear brand Craig Green, the logic of menswear improves me a lot and helping me get closer to what I want.

In my final year, I continued figuring out my own way, trying to develop my own pattern pieces of making clothes. My final year collection ‘Spinning spinning spinning and suddenly I sucked into a whirlpool’ was aimed to achieve a final outcome of abstract feelings, complying in a way of fashion pattern techniques, colours and fabrics. Everything is still continuous...