“Have you really felt a natural world, a world which is full of various types of wildlife? I can only say that I have seen a small part of it, some of the last parts left behind in the process of urbanization. They are to me, unforgettable”. Yue Cui’s collection Animated Companion takes visual inspiration from the active postures of animals. The first idea came up when she saw the vivid posture of preserved animals in the museum which evokes the good memories of her childhood in a countryside. In order to feel that vitality again, she went to different parks and zoos in London to observe the behavior of some familiar animals. In the meantime, she sketched some postures of them when they were in motion.

Then combining with the research of these animals online, she analyzed every steps of the movement of them and abstracted their different shapes by using the curve to deliver the designs. Furthermore, for making the pieces can be moved actively with the wearer, she researched the structures of marionette and made many experiments to design the details of flexible connections and hidden mechanisms.

All the jewellery pieces are handmade by the designer. Different characters in the collection and various ways of assembly encourage the individuals to create their own narratives and show their personality. The designer hopes her pieces can become a kind of animated companion for the wearer, bring more vitality and fun in our city life, which can also encourage the viewer to reflect the relationship between city and nature.