In this design, Yuejian Zhang will design a collection of fashion shoes based on sports wears. "FUTHER URBAN OUTDOOR" is the background of his design. The concept of this design is that more and more people are injured due to incorrect exercise posture (running, jumping, stretching, even walking) . The pressure of the sole of the foot is one of the important indicators to detect whether the exercise posture is correct, so he will try to visualize the pressure of the sole , by visualizing the sole pressure to help users better adjust their posture during exercise. To try to create a new urban outdoor lifestyle.

In today's society, exercise has become a habit of more and more people. However, due to incorrect gait, foot pressure error caused by unnecessary gait caused unnecessary sports injuries. Therefore, it can be obtained through research on gait and running community. Pain points in the following 3:1. Smart shoes on the market have a limited service life and high retail prices. 2. People without a professional background cannot know how to adjust the gait effectively, because they cannot realize the changes in foot pressure during exercise. 3. Different degrees of gait errors will cause different degrees of muscle or joint injuries, which will greatly affect daily training.

In this project, in order to achieve the effect of "pressure visual visualization", he was inspired by magma, crustal movement, human body, blood and blood vessels in nature. The visualized liquid is injected into the midsole, and the sole is connected through the tubular structure, and the upper surface shows the deformation of the sole caused by the pressure of the sole to pump up the liquid, thereby realizing the pressure visualization.

He developed a collection of uppers by combining fashion and functional running shoes and hiking shoes, so that users can be effectively protected in facing different environments and gait needs. And produced by molding cork soles of prototypes, and the way to use 3D modeling, as well as improve the bottom of the tubular structure for pumping the liquid.