Yuejian Zhang is a footwear designer and musician with a Chinese background in London, studying at London College of Fashion. As a footwear designer, he is more committed to using footwear as a carrier to solve some problems that are ignored in life. His observation of life and people's observation of feet, shoes and gait gave him a lot of inspiration. Therefore, his work often consider small problems that can be solved by footwear in life. It is also the background of the musician that allows him to observe the world with more perspectives and different motivations and ideas to create his own style.

Regarding his main technology, he focuses on researching new materials and new shoemaking techniques without being constrained by traditional shoemaking techniques. For example: 3D technology, new weaving shoes and other materials and technology. His design is based on solving problems in life, and founding some interesting pain points, thus trying to design more lifestyles that people can choose in the future through footwear as a carrier.