First of all, my first starting point for this project was about what I thought was fashion. I've always thought fashion was in the middle of art and commerciality. With this as a starting point, I researched artistic and commercial fashion. It was my early concept that I tried to make this collection by finding their midpoint. But as I talked to my tutors, I realised that this was not clear about the middle point or neutrality.

So I threw away neoplasticism and pop art that I had researched in the early days. I began to concentrate my research on graphic design that is both artistic and commercial. While doing research, I came up with lots of neat and impactful typography that I experienced on my trip to Amsterdam. Therefore I decided to work on a project that combined my draping and sewing skills by using the unique neatness of graphic design and various graphic effects using computer.

As for the process, in the first step, I made a collage using typography. And I began to print the alphabet directly on a large piece of paper and drape it in a mini mannequin. Then, using the letters of ‘simple’,I started design develop.In the process of FMP, I draped a single alphabet "m" to make a jacket and I also used the three combined words "sim" or used the Korean version of "ple" to develop into details or designs. Also, there were many advertisement works as a representative example of graphic design. Like this, I tried to use my logo to make my own brand printing pattern from a point of view of promoting my brand. So I could use many of the effects of the graphic design that I researched on it. In particular, inspired by Crystal Castle's songs and music videos, which is psychedelic rock, I used many graphic effects for my logo printing pattern.And then I also created a photo lineup with draping pieces using these elements.

There was one thing that I focused on doing this project. It was that my collection or brand had unique and creativity but also commercial potential. I didn't want my clothes to look just like the alphabet. I wanted to have such an idea but be more commercial and make my collection that I wanted to wear. That is why I had to drape the alphabet pattern through a lot of developments. On the other hand, I mainly used black and white for the colour part. black and white are the most visible colour in typography. And I thought that the silhouettes of garments could have a more concentrated effect with black and white. In conclusion, through this project, I was able to create my collection by combining graphic design that I was interested in and fashion. It is also a very satisfying collection because I can make the clothes I want to wear as a result.