Inspired by the power of illusion exhibited in jewellery gouache paintings, Yulia began experimenting with ways to turn this faceted multidimensionality into a finished pieces. The stone, with it’s facets , becomes the main and only element of the finished piece in an attempt to reevaluate the viewer’s belief of what traditional jewellery making can be.

To highight the facet’s lines over the flat surface Yulia tried reflective cloth before settling for the more suitable powder variant. Here she was experimenting with cut-outs and pattern dispositions. This was a decisive step in the making of her collection.

After reflective material experimentation Yulia decided to move forearm with the abalone shell to represent the intersection of facets. This allowed her to be more flexible with the design by simpliying the technicality of the pieces and achieve a striking look.

This is Yulia’s final collection lineup. As for today and due to pandemic restrictions, Yulia produced only four of the ten pieces shown above. The collection includes hard materials such as silver and reflective powder as well as more natural ones like Abalone shell cutouts. The lineup reflects one of the main collection’s properties, its flatness. The pieces are shown from the front view, where reflective powder lights up to reveal the facets patterns. If turned around, the rear side features an edge-to-edge Abalone shell pattern.