YunRay’s collection “NEW AMERICANA” is inspired by the photography series “The Americans” by Robert Frank. The raw and emotional images reflecting on the American workers’ lives in the 1950s touched me, especially as a foreign student in America. In recent years, the politics around the world have been brought up immigrants as issues, debating on the policies, and the conversation between the two sides seem to be very limited.

YunRay started to make his own performance art as research. He developed a 4-part performance piece, responding to the immigration issues, using our bodies and garments to express the different stages the immigrants go through when moving to a new country. In the performance piece, second-hand garments are used as mediums, interacting with the bodies. Through the process, it is like designing and draping through performance art.

The collection used the collages made from the photos of the performance as shape and draping direction, and continue to use upcycled second-hand garments as final material, with creative ways of deconstructing, reconstructing and finishing. YunRay aims to create not only a sustainable collection but also a collection filled with stories.