Yuqing titled her new A/W 2021/2022 collection “In confusion” because she created for very young woman who, despite the fave they left adolescence, feel the instability of feelings and standing in front of the mirror trying too choose the image of an angel or a demon. The young generation adore “Manga” culture which let them to avoid this confusion, hiding behind the masks of characters.


She is inspired by the cult manga “Black Butler” which connected with the era of Queen Victoria well known as a time of a strict moral rules for woman which of course caused the opposite culture of courtesans.Transformations from the extreme Puritanism of the church’s tenets to the full of frivolity. Its similar to the contradictory inner world of any very young girl.Yuqing waned to reflect this contraction by fashion design language in her collection. The customer group is young innocent girls with rich imagination, who are torn by conflicting feelings and impulses. She wanted to transfer this song young engird, that can only be born from the struggle of the opposites and mix it tender and beauty, which is unique to very young woman.

Her creative process always starts with finding an innovative form. For her collection she chose archetypal shapes as a heart, egg and bells that are associated with strong human feelings. She worked with the geometric drapery method, changing the proportions and design lines, achieving the right proportions.
She paid a lot of attention to the working with the details so they are symbolic and convey her message. Large hearts of different sizes symbolise people with different openness. The black - and -white zigzags between them are bizarre changes in fate, Since her collection is intended for a very young generation, she used the idea of variable length and two-sided design. Yuqing wanted to give her customer the opportunity to get several opposite images by buying one item from her collection.