A big inspiration for this editorial was the ‘Maison Margella 2020 Spring Summer’ collection. In particular their incorporation of food elements throughout the looks. This is where Yvonne’s idea to show readers how fashion and food can intertwine stemmed from. The ‘Miu Miu 2021 ‘Ready-to-Wear’ was also an inspiration. The 1960’s nature of the garments and colour blocking theme presented in this collection drew Yvonne to create the concept ‘Back to the Future’.

‘Back to the Future’ has a unified theme, yet each image brings something new to the story. Created in the middle of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Yvonne wanted to encourage readers to have an optimistic outlook through new and fun ideas for their home and wardrobe, despite the difficulties of 2020! Yvonne has carefully considered her colour palette and controlled the chaos colour can sometime bring! Colour itself is a major part of all of Yvonnes work and has become a signature design style she constantly uses.

Food and interior styling are also big passions of Yvonnes, therefore wanting to combine these fields (along with fashion) into one coherent editorial!