Zaff Ben Jibby’s Spring/Summer capsule collection 22 was inspired by the traditional Malay men ensemble of ‘Bersongkok (headwear), Bersampin (waist drape) and Berbaju Melayu (Top and pants)’. The idea was told on how the flexibility of those 3 separate items were combined together to create an ensemble that in the end mix well. Plus giving questions on breaking the traditional norm such as androgynous, modern value and contemporary eccentricity are the elements that drive the background process further.

By using digital sketching, the visuals were more captive when Zaff started to do sketches on top of some vintage Malay archipelago photos which give the ideation on forms, construction and as well as shapes that the collection is going for. This process helps with the concept as the photos kept the traditional form while the sketches will provide the ideas on the modern form.

After the final sketches were done, some colour and fabric swatches were planned out accordingly refer to the sketches of the design. The mood for the collection was vintage vibes therefore neutral colour tones were set while plaids as the prints were chosen because it resembles the traditional “pelikat” motif which was worn traditionally.
This is the outcome of the whole process after toile was made to ensure the garments form and shape, the final sample was sewn. Each of the pieces were made sure to be versatile as it can be paired with the most casual t-shirt tops or pants while keeping its eccentricity to suits the uniqueness of the collection.