With the latest collection after the graduation spotlight, Malaysian based fashion designer Zaff Jibby released its first debut capsule collection called “Roots”. While pursuing his life ambition in fashion design at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia, challenges of having epilepsy while studying was a no exception. For his graduate show during his BA HONS in Fashion Design, Zaff Jibby has decided to dedicated his past collection to the life long struggle of his life growing up. This time, Zaff has decided to take a rendition on hows his collection can be represented with a south east asian flavor while fuse with the eccentricity that he has embedded in his designs before.

The collection Roots was based on the traditional malay ensemble of “Bersongkok, Bersampin dan Berbaju Melayu” which was surrounded in his life growing up in Malaysia. The ensemble was traditionally worn by men, but fashion is all about expression, and he wants the brand to not constrict on the gender construct, hence the element of androgynuity was implemented. For him, there are not a lot of south east asian intrepretation/representation in the fashion industry. Eventually it has become as one of his brand DNA to spread more awareness on a south east asian culture and heritage while keeping it relevant in the market. The collection was dedicated to his grandma who was joyfull enough to be the muse while representing a diversity regardless of race and age. The debut was shown in a runway at the local Fashion show ,Mara In Fashion which an organisation that has support the startup of his fashion career. See the full collection at www.zaffbenjibby.com.