RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: In Anatolia every piece of clothing is valued, reconstructed when broken, layered when cold, each clothing surviving from generation to generation. The main research explored this unplanned aesthetic formed when different layers of clothing with mis-matched patterns, colours and textures are combined.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: The second theme is Anatolian psychedelic rock which, is a genre of rock music that was born in Turkey in the late 60s. The designer was inspired by the story of East meets West and creating a perfect balance between them - the rebellious musical genre of rock being reformed with the authentic Anatolian musical aesthetic. Turkish belly dancers were also very famous in this era with their outstanding costumes and performances.

LINE-UP: Each look reflects the culture of Anatolian nomadic life through blanket motifs, traditional handcraft techniques and silhouettes. Additionally, the designs explore the rebellious attitude of Turkish rockstars with loud colour combinations, illusive psychedelic patterns and exaggerated accessories.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: The design process involves the manipulation of patterns found in everyday life. The design of Disco Bra was inspired by a classic checkered pattern combined with a sequenced knitted strap inspired by the costumes of Turkish belly dancers and rockstars.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: One of the primary aims for this collection was to collaborate with Turkish artisans and integrate their expertise with Zeynep’s designs. For Nerush Boots, Zeynep partnered with a shoe maker where, she designed and knitted the sock piece and the shoemaker has constructed the shoe and attached the knitted part. This design was inspired by Grandma Nerush who never takes off her socks, even with her most elegant shoes.