Zhaoshen Wang, a Chinese jewellery designer, designs in an open society. This tolerance allows Wang to link cultures and create a mixed design language in his MA collection. Zhaoshen Wang started with the observation and research into the frequent social events surrounding identities, that are a characteristic of contemporary European cultures. Events such as; gay pride, national naked ride, festivals, marches, and gatherings.

From this standpoint, Wang explores an understanding of personal identities and social values. Wang questions sexual identity and how jewellery can participate in their conversations from a jeweller’s perspective. During the process of exploring the East and West, second reference covers tales, paintings, history form ancient time to the contemporary. He overlapped research and generated forms in 2D and 3D. After experimenting these forms in various techniques of making jewellery, Wang specified SHUNGA as the primary inspiration and extracted curves, shapes, scales, lustres for his final collection.

Translating in to materiality is the most significant step in the whole design process after experiments. The concept plays out through shapes of gender neutral jewellery and jewellery like objects to discover new wearable potentials. Wang seeks to prove that contemporary jewellery still keeps and defines the core value of our modern lives.