Zhengyang Zhao’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection explored and used marine pollution as a starting point, hoping to enhance people's environmental awareness of the ocean through the paintings and clothes. Before she started to develop the design, she inquired about the current state of marine life. In various web pages and book records, she saw the painful appearance of marine life. All of this made her feel saddened. Some marine animals are entangled in marine debris into a deformed posture, and some eat indigestible garbage which causes death.

Zhengyang started from this turtle picture, mainly to express the feeling of struggle, uncomfortable, messy beauty, so the use of the size of the pen is not single, the details are drawn with a very fine pen, and some places are roughly represented by a marker. The combination of thick and thin hopes to show contrast and struggle. This painting is based on a picture in which a turtle is bound by plastic and causes deformation.

The entire collection is designed around marine life, combining the themes and paintings that marine life is bound by marine debris. Zhengyang finally designed her collection with a large-area black-and-white big print and a strong sense of design. Hoping that people can appreciate this kind of impact and understand what is really wanted to be conveyed behind the work. This kind of thing is an environmental awareness, a determination that human beings need to change themselves to save our future, It is an understanding of the peaceful development of humans and animals from a spiritual perspective and this is what Zhengyang really thinks of the feelings and content that are passed to everyone through her work.