Zhengyang Zhao is a Chinese designer who has spent her fashion life in Shanghai, Milan and London. Her goal is to design a collection of clothing that has a simple silhouette with outstanding design. perfect for today's independent women. Zhengyang hopes that every woman can feel confident and unique after wearing them.

"Always thought that my source of inspiration came from different directions. but I want to convey to all the women who like my work through my series of confidence, beauty and elegance, this purpose has never changed, I hope that everything is energetic, attracting attention, Low-key and radiant, so I like to try to draw my ideas before I create, and try to find the best way to illustrate my work.”

“In the use of fabrics, I like to add textile techniques such as printing, knitting or embroidery. A variety of different techniques will give me more inspiration in the process of creation, It is always exciting to find different interesting fabrics. and I hope everybody will be captivated by my designs and always feel happy when they wear my collection.”