Zhi Ying is Chinese Silversmith and Jewellery Designer based in Scotland. She received her BFA in Art and Crafts (Jewellery Design and Lacquer Art) from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in Tianjin, China, and her MFA in Jewellery from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK.

Zhi's design originates from childhood fading memories, which are recorded by the furniture. Inspired by photos of old furniture. It is no longer a specific copy of a drawer or cabinet. She focused on thinking about how to play with the characteristics of these furniture. The structure and patterns of the work are reminiscent of worn woven objects, drawers and porcelain. She tried to narrate her understanding of memory through these conventional knitting techniques and somewhat childlike illustrations.

‘I am fascinated by these household items because they are objects of intimacy. Furniture carries memories and emotions; they are like witnesses to the passage of time. The longer they are used, the more stories are recorded. I hope ‘Weaving Memories’ is warm and touching. While watching my work, the audience can get healing and a moment's rest, but also let them discover the beauty of imperfection, the beauty of broken/ damage, the beauty of daily life: even the chairs, drawer handles and cabinets.’