I always believe in love. I believe the comprehensive love to life, to the world, to other beings. I also love stories of romantic love. Love inspires me always in so many ways.

But what is love ?

In this project, I looked into love in a romantic relationship. Rather than a single idea of happiness, love is a chaos of complex feelings. However, stepping out of the cycle of relationship stages, I find that love is an imaginary idea that existed only in one's mind. In this context, love could be a simple comprehension.

Inspired by the modern twist of a traditional meditation symbol, mandala, I designed patterns for silk organza, using photographs of flowers. I combined different materials and created six elegant yet powerful looks. Look 1 to 6 represent the changing from chaotic to calm.

The jewelry collection is developed as two lines. Just as how I believe about love - it has two sides: the upside is bright while the downside is dark. All the pieces in both lines are designed and handmade by myself. Silver and pearls are the main materials. I chose silver because of its simple color and mouldability. I chose irregular pearls because of their fluid and organic shapes. Many of the design and making processes are spontaneous. Some are even being unable to control, just like the nature of love.