ZHIQING’s collection is focused on the concept of 'not wanting to grow up' and the possibility of being 'trapped' in childhood forever. He was very inspired by Jan Svankmajer's 'Alice' 1988. And 'Alice in Wonderland' has become a big reference in this collection. He wanted to project childhood and naivety as this surrounding atmosphere that hugs us and protect us.

ZHIQING was looking at a lot of vintage children's clothes, and some classic textile patterns that had a sentimental feel to them. He was playing with exaggerated silhouettes and creating gingham patterns in a new way. He enlarged the silhouettes of traditional children's wear beyond the normal human body proportion and paired them with various print designs that blended both ribbon decoration and screen print evolved from classic gingham check pattern, displaying naivety, modernity, and sprightliness.

The highlight of his design lies in the elaborate silhouette, bold use of color and fabric reconstruction. The outcome of this collection radiates both innocence and romance, interspersed with a hint of nostalgia.