Zhiyin (Jenny) Huang’s design inspiration usually comes from people’s daily behaviours and interactions with the surroundings. The research shows an absurdly reasonable relationship between our body, the clothing that we dress, and our surroundings. Such relationship arouses her question of our fixations towards the utility of the objects and the way we approach them in our life, as we seem to take everything that happens for granted. The same question also applies to the way we do fashion design.

What makes the project unique is the new design approach and the design purpose of the project. Being a speculative design through practice project, rather then having the garment as a consuming product, it encourages intellectual engagement with the audiences by arousing questions and reflections. Ultimately, it sets out to challenge conventional norms within design and fashion industry, and aims to challenge the taken-for-granted general system that we inhabit.

Her practice shows a dialectic integration of theory and practice: her open-ended process led her to some varied outcomes – all with a distinct mixture of curiosity, absurdity and deadly seriousness - and inevitably more questions.

Final animation available on: https://youtu.be/URf0bBOt8QQ