Ziqian is a fashion designer who works on both womenswear and menswear. She is recently graduating from the Royal College of Art, based in Shanghai and London.

Ziqian values helping vulnerable groups, especially those her family members belong to. One of the ways she tries to help them is through creating garments. From the point of Ziqian's view, sustainable design not only involves the materials and the environment but also includes human life. Ziqian is committed to helping more people live a dignified, optimistic and sustainable life through her designs.

Ziqian’s collection focuses on how to help her grandmother live more independently after suffering from multiple strokes and living with the conditions following and resulting from these diseases. The strokes mean that the left-hand side of her grandmother’s body cannot move as usual. She has to rely on help from family members for many day-to-day activities, particularly dressing herself.

Ziqian has made garments suitable for one-handed dressing and removing. Some of the elements she incorporated into the garments include different opening ways, positions and tools to reduce the difficulties in the dressing process. These pieces have aided her family members when dressing her grandma.