Ziwei Chen’s design is mainly influenced by Vapor-wave aesthetics. Through visual and tactile way to express the characteristics of Vapor-wave music: low quality, multilayer, distortion, psychedelic sense etc. Focus on real and imagined touch, visual illusions and sensual aesthetics. Ziwei Chen explored the relationship between materials and body movement, studied the changeable characteristics of the unit connection structures. In terms of materials, she mainly focus on the exploration and application of transparent materials, such as TPU, nylon mesh and acrylic, to study their dyeing and fabric manipulation methods, and carry out comprehensive application.

Ziwei Chen’s design conveys a multi-sensory feeling through textiles and transforms the personal feeling of music aesthetics into the visual language expressed by abstract geometric elements. She produces textiles that exert new innovations through a combination of music, technology and design. Exploring whether the audio can be metamorphosed into the visual and touch, how can music be transformed by textile techniques to unveil new tactile qualities.