ZIYU MA's graduate collection "RISE OF THE MOULD" Influenced by indoor mould as well as mould in the wardrobe, and investigating the growth of mould in microscopic form, ZIYU MA uses discarded fabrics to make three-dimensional mould forms and embroiders them on her clothes, and experiments with bead knitting, working with fragmented materials to reconstitute complete fabrics. This process demonstrates her unique aesthetic style, which is heavily influenced by deconstructionism.

Using materials such as beads, wool felt, gauze, lace, wool and velvet, she experimented with crochet, embroidery, knitting, glueing and beading to simulate the growth patterns and external characteristics of mould. This extensive experimentation with fabrics demonstrates her ability to use and shape materials well and make small samples with a great deal of texture.

Based on this extensive experimentation, Ma has developed a deeper understanding of the material selection and how to shape mould. She decided to use layers of scraps of fabric to convey the furry texture of the mould, using pieces of fabric of varying sizes overlaid and stitched then embroidered onto the garment to achieve a state of mould growth.

This is her fabric making process. At the beginning of her production, she found a large amount of discarded fabrics discarded by her classmates in the studio, and she chose materials similar to her own style to recycle. Almost every piece of clothing uses recycled materials. The process consumed a long time and each piece of cloth was carefully cut and ultimately embroidered onto the dress.

This is ZIYU MA’s final collection lineup. She chose to make the first three dresses. As all the dresses in this collection are handmade and each one takes about a month to make, she did not make all six dresses.