According to the concept of this project, the garments will be constructed before they are sewn; meaning some of the structure will disappear, which will leave the final garment appearing multi-angular. In addition, I want to make these structures into the plate making, so that these hidden structures can be integrated with the clothes.

In menswear, tailoring is an essential skill. Thus, the tailoring technique will be used to produce this whole collection. However, using tailoring to display the pattern will rely on different manufacturing methods than classic tailoring. This is a substantial challenge in the creation of this collection.

The ways in which the structure and colour are hidden in the grid, and the colour changes caused by the interaction of the grid on the eyes, result in colours becoming other colours. Classic tailoring will be used to create the whole collection, and the production process will be adjusted according to the version used to achieve a product that can be sold and can fully deliver my concept of this collection.