ALL OR NOTHING graduate collection was inspired by Zlata’s experience in the UK where she had to either make it or go back home. To show her values and heritage Zlata used the Russian language to express the notion of ALL OR NOTHING, which translates as ВСЁ ИЛИ НИЧЕГО.

The silhouette and gender-neutral designs were inspired and developed through the exploration of kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. The notion of Eastern pattern cutting was explored and compared to the Western approach. Creating the space between the body and garment allowed the wearer to move and interact with the garments.

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle and a vegan diet led to more considered and conscious choices of the materials and design itself. As a result all the garments are 100% vegan as no leather, fur, wool or silk was used.

The predominant colour, black, is a timeless, functional colour that has the quality of being trendless in the fashion industry. The fabric was further designed with bleaching, where patterns were created by applying bleach intuitively and spontaneously.