This collection is inspired by the balance and transformation between natural and artificial objects. I mapped this poetic indeterminate dependence on the human body and its interaction in traditional Eastern medical practices. Here I harmonise of the bodies meridians with metal lines and highlight its acupuncture points with pearls.

All the designs in this collection are distributed on the bodies different organs meridian lines and acupuncture points. The pearls represent the points, and the metals represent the meridian; the wearer can bring the jewellery into contact with the skin in a precise and intimate way, achieving healing and balancing interaction with the body.

To achieve precision, I experimented with rhino drawing and 3D printing techniques, divided a piece into sections and reassembled them into movable parts to make the work more randomly fit different wearers and ensure its mobility. I applied a similar principle to the fixation of the pearls by placing them in rings of the same size and fixing them on both sides so that the pearls as acupuncture points are both skin-touching and ornamental.