Conscious, sustainable and responsible design is fundamental to knitted textile designer Zoë Daley’s practice. Based in London, Zoë aims to offer exciting and creative solutions to problems within the second most polluting industry in the world: fashion.

Throughout her time studying her BA in Textile Design at Central Saint Martins, Zoë developed a keen interest in tackling the pressing global issue of the under-utilisation of clothing. She believes by changing the way knitwear and fashion is produced and moving beyond the restrictions of fully fashioned garments, there is potential to disrupt the current disposable and frivolous nature of fashion.

Within her modular garment collections, Zoë primarily draws inspiration from her own family history and identity, fusing conversations and stories passed down through generations. The unique yet universal experience of the home and domestic living provide her with a wealth of inspiration that she is constantly exploring. Her design process hinges on the making and ability to experiment whilst crafting these unique textiles, all designed to be reworked and celebrated by the wearer.