In this collection, taking a closer look and getting a deeper understanding of the daily wear of the female city workers. To explore a more comfortable and casual way of wearing ‘white shirt’. Also, inspired and extracted from the free rules of modern music by John Cage and some other experimental artists.

Specifically, the main direction of her collection is researching, manipulating and transforming the white shirt technical details. Open slit, overlapped, misplaced, hidden pockets, oversized, attached layers, the addition of these delicate details make the whole collection more diverse and unique, just like the surprises of daily life and the temporary escape from the boring repetitive work. She got the inspiration from John Cage’s experimental music scores which are not like the traditional scores --- unique, irregular, free.


TThis collection utilizes many shirt techniques to play with, including fabric finishing, fabric choices, and trims. For the fabrics, she not only uses the normal shirt cotton, but also combines the stretched linen, silk, jersey, and polyester. The colour choice is quite soft and clean.