The vision of ZOE HOOP started a couple of years ago when Caroline Johansson was travelling in Asia. Seeing the conditions that so many people were living in, broke her heart.

She told herself she wanted to make a difference and help people find hope and decent work to provide for their families.

Through conversation with friends and in prayer she found that this could be done by making jewellery, each with their own individual story symbolising the good message from the Bible.

Every piece of jewellery is inspired by one or two bible passages filled with encouragement, hope, faith and love.

The trade name, ZOE HOOP, expresses these virtues. ZOE means life and HOOP or ring symbolises love and devotion. Her hope and prayer are that those who wear the jewellery as well as the crafters who make it will experience these virtues!

The first line was launched in 2020 and it is produced by hand from recycled silver with a heavy layer of 18 ct gold by artisans in Thailand with fair working conditions and wages. She hope that she soon will produce jewellery in several countries to encourage both growth and change.