Zoë Ward is a womenswear designer from Brighton, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

During her time at the Glasgow School of Art studying BA Fashion Design, Zoë developed a particular interested in the handmade. She approaches design and making with a visceral exploration of craft and craft history resulting in textiles and garments rich in detail and technical expertise.

Zoë prioritises a slower approach to making - isolated techniques, such as hand smocking and appliqué that would enforce a more mindful and meditative approach. By applying honest, traditional craftsmanship, the garment can be seen as a narrative object; it tells a story of time and care before its even worn. Zoë believe’s considering clothing in this way we come to respect and value our belongings in a deeper sense. Applying this philosophy she hopes to re-address the relationship we have with what we use and what we wear.

Sustainable practice is at the core of what Zoë does. Utilising second hand, up-cycled, found, or in some way repurposed cloths and materials. The resulting textiles and garments reflect this history, the provenance; the landscape they come from and the people who created them.

Zoë hopes her graduate collection honours the communities that have inspired her, that it recognises the traditions and processes of generations of craftsmen, and that it celebrates narrative in the objects we own and treasure.