With a keen eye for merging art and fashion, Zoey Simpson is a current MA Fashion student at Kingston University.

Originally from Alabama, Zoey has always wanted to pursue her dreams of art and fashion in London and be surrounded by the creativity. Zoey is an artist that is drawn to textiles, slow fashion, and sustainability. She loves creating things by hand, and hopes more slow fashion practices will become bigger in the Industry. She considers her creations as art on the body.

Her collections constantly explore ways to mix art, fashion, emotions, and sustainable practices like using recycled materials or natural dyes. With this mini collection, Zoey explored different techniques with deconstruction and reconstruction, hand fringing, and different ways to encorporate macrame as a form of knitwear. She wanted her garment to reflect the mood of the song. Heaviness, sadness, pain. Like this collection, a lot of her collections are based on feeling, inspired by the Abstract Expressionism art movement. She hopes to continue making a name for herself in the Industry, and help pave the way for a more sustainable future.