Inspired by a range of 2019 collections, Zohar Levi looked at the silhouettes and contrasts of colour with the composition of fabric and knitwear in Menswear and Womenswear. Her research covered a range of images showing children wearing larger scale garments than those considered to be worn by a man. She Extracted colours from abstract paintings started to develop a colour palette for her theme. The colours expressed the story of a child soldier in each image.

Zohar showcased a successful exhibition that demonstrated the thought process behind her designs. She was keen to source yarns that had a stiffened feel to it, to display the 3D elements of her inspirations. The story of a chid soldier not having a choice to fight at war, she experimenting with textures and shape to signify these emotions. After taking an interest in copper pipes and essentially thinking of structuring her exhibition using those materials and also experimented with copper wired yarns on the domestic and dubied machines. She found the steal silk yarns knitted beautifully on the finer gauges with combined yarns and on the Shima.


Zohar sustainably deconstructed second hand garments and draped them into interesting and unusual shapes and recycled the knitted fabrics fallen off the Dubied and Domestic machines, in additions to her garments and exhibition. Her first outfit had presented a successful outcome of the garment developments. Each told a story through striped colours, texture and drape. Confident on the 3D Apex software, using this knowledge to her advantage to design own reversible ‘partial knitted stitch’ to fit into two outfits and several samples.