A by Anubha was founded in 2012 by fashion designer Anubha Srivastav. After graduating from the Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune, India, Anubha began her eclectic fashion journey at Donna Karan International, in New York, where she interned under the collection line. She also worked as an assistant fashion designer with prominent New Delhi-based designer Ritu Beri.

An entrepreneur and risk-taker at heart, Anubha launched her own fashion line soon after, showcasing A by Anubha’s 1st Autumn/Winter collection in October 2012 at New Delhi’s trendy Hauz Khas Village. One of the brand’s primary aims is to connect with and deliver sustainably produced chic clothing to a global clientele. The label showcased its Autumn/Winter'13 collection at the 2013 San Francisco Fashion Week 2013 and since then has been a sought after name in city’s fashion circles. It is a member of the esteemed San Francisco Fashion and Merchant Alliance.

Anubha – a self-described “perennial student of fashion” – recently studied fashion marketing at the renowned Istituto Europeo di Design and seeks to continue creating diverse styles for today’s global citizen.

A by Anubha’s foundation is the traditional Indian Bandh-Gala or the Mandarin Collar, also known as the Nehru Jacket after India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru who popularised the look. The label consistently brings innovative and modern tweaks to this traditionally masculine style, for both its male and female collection lines. It combines the classic details of the Nehru jacket – the mandarin collar, pocket flaps, and fabric buttons – with sharp cuts and bold colours to deliver a clothing line perfect for casual, semi-formal, and professional settings anywhere in the world.