Aaron Challis is a womenswear designer based in the South East of England, having studied at UCA Epsom (BA) and Kingston School of Art (MA).

Challis’ work is predominately inspired by the human condition, citing both historical and fictional women as his muse and starting point for new projects, previous examples ranging from Queen Elizabeth 2nd to Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman. Each new muse/ inspiration brings its own energy to the project that once mixed with Challis’ love of vibrant colour, camp and drama all live happily in the same stylised universe.

Through his work, Challis aims to create a new world, in which the characters, models and the garments he create live - brought to life through colour, silhouette and, most importantly, drape with a focus on old Hollywood glamour. The work is playful but also strong, resulting in mysterious and imposing figures, draped head to toe in vibrant colours and coated in jewels.

Both his graduate collection and subsequent projects play with ideas of both social status and identity through a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic that is still grounded by a timeless and classic beauty.