Abigale D’Souza recently completed her BA in Fashion Design from Pearl Academy, India with First Class Honours. During her placement semester, she interned with a bridalwear studio in New York City where she got the opportunity to hone her technical skills in pattern-making and embroidery.

For her final year collection, she was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's floral paintings; the flowers, how she used them to explore her femininity was what intrigued Abigale to pursue her own interpretation and understanding of them.

Abigale then bought fully bloomed white flowers and played around with them using colour in an attempt to recreate O'Keeffe's floral forms. In that moment, it didn't occur to her that the exposed stems would absorb the colour through transpiration and dye the flowers. This phenomenon is what she built her collection on. She experimented with different ways in which flowers can absorb dyes, observed and recorded the process for seven days as the blooms aged. The data collected was referenced to create the textures and silhouettes for her graduation project titled ‘Ageing in Tens’.