Alarna Barry is a British fashion designer specialising in menswear, due to graduate from Leeds Arts University in 2020. After focusing on womenswear for the first year of her studies Alarna found a passion for menswear during her second year at Leeds Arts University. She always viewed menswear with curiosity before taking the risk to explore the path. It didn’t take her long to find and develop her own unique style.

Inspiration is often taken from historical references and sports uniform. A keen interest in sport from a young age has progressed throughout her life into her career as a designer. Alarna has an interest in smart fabric, whilst designing large amounts of fabric research is carried out, in particularly uses of smart fabrics within sportswear for performance and practicality.

Currently, Alarna’s tailored sports graduate collection Three which features boning in new and innovative ways inspired by research into British sports uniform and Tudor Sumptuary Laws which regulated consumption has taken a digital approach due to COVID-19. Through collage, sketching, editing and using photoshop to design digital prints she has found a new way of generating ideas for her graduate collection Three.