Alisa Ruzavina is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher, passionate about designing accessible ecocentric experiences and tools that engage diverse local and global communities with collective imagining of more joyful worlds. Alisa holds a BA in Fashion Print and MA Material Futures from Central Saint Martins.

Using colour, print and sustainable making methods as her signature, she crafts installations, objects, textiles, fashion, art and games as avenues for hope-fuelled Earth-adoring storytelling. Alisa's curiosity lies in exploring alternative forms of knowledge, cross-cultural, indigenous and interspecies ways of relating and being that cultivate and nourish the development of the ecological self.

Earthkinology is Alisa’s latest project. It is a playful experience in form of interactive optical street installations with embedded audio storytelling and practices that engage the public with the often unnoticed urban nature ecosystems and life forms that thrive right on our streets. Using an array of sensory invitations, the experiences ask for the viewers to pause amidst their day, take notice and explore the more unusual ways of sensing and being within their everyday contexts. The project combines imaginary, backed up by science fact and traditional indigenous and ecological knowledge, to build up possible narratives from the perspective of other species, exploring new ways to access, bond and empathise with our more-than-human urban neighbours.

Earthkinology is a grassroots movement masked by public entertainment encouraging new way of engaging and deepening of a collective sense of kinship with and connection to local natural ecosystems for the local public. The project is an effort towards the further de-centering of the human exceptionalism so prevalent in our city culture with ambition to contribute to the much necessary shift towards interspecies relationship building and ecocentric ways of perceiving and being.