Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, she discovered her new identity through embracing the name ‘Amber’ in the UK at an early age. She studied BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear at London College of Fashion while building experience across various sectors in fashion and worked at renowned fashion brands including Tom Ford and Chalayan.

Her graduate collection, named ‘Repurpose’ is a fashion design project with a reimagined mode of avant-garde, sustainable aesthetic that aims to extend the life of textile products using modern craftsmanship and technology. To encourage the circular economy that identifies and addresses issues around excessive consumption and waste problems, she has up-cycled festival waste into a high-end womenswear collection.

At music festivals in UK, approximately 23,500 tonnes of waste is produced annually, including 250,000 abandoned tents. Only around a third is recycled and the rest goes to landfills. Through a careful deconstruction and reconstruction of personally collected tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses and camping chairs from festivals, she has created a 5-looks collection.

The collection highlights the illusion that fashion and festivals create whereby they are carefree and clean. Drawn to these scenes that evoke glamour, this collection uncovers and exposes that behind the façade, they are propped up by a dirty world of waste and unsustainable practices. While exploring playful colour and glamorous shapes, she has successfully shown that sustainable fashion can be imaginative, inspiring and innovative.