<< If I had to describe it in two words: CRAFTSMANSHIP 2.0! >>. These are the words of Ambra Castello, Founder and Creative Director, from which the brand takes its name.

Ambra Castello safeguards the CRAFTS and proposes INNOVATIVE products, born of continuous research and experimentation. It offers a wide range of products, always in continuous EVOLUTION, all handmade.  The manual processing gives the creations those peculiar characteristics of non-uniformity and particularity, so each creation is unique.

Among them, we find A.C.A. products, made with INNOVATIVE materials. A.C.A. is the acronym of the name of the "Attention Crochet Annoying" collection, on which the origins of the products are based. Each piece, chosen from the catalogue, is reproduced on the customer's REQUEST and realized specifically for them. Except in the case of unique pieces which, being exclusive pieces, will not be reproduced.


This policy stems from the desire to deliver high-quality items to the customer, protecting the ENVIRONMENT from the disproportionate production and series of products, which must be disposed of without ever being used. With the initiative "UNUSED >< RECREATED", Ambra Castello reuses the regenerated yarn of the A.C.A. pieces no longer used by its customers to create new products, reducing the impact on the ENVIRONMENT to zero. WOMENSWEAR and MENSWEAR, where the importance of TRADITIONS and QUALITY  "TURN ON"  with the need for INNOVATION and respect for the ENVIRONMENT. The logo of the brand is a QR that, scanned, will make you land directly on the company's Official Website. How to scan it? Very simple! Just frame the logo with the mobile phone camera and you're done!