Amelia Saleh is a menswear designer who always took on the idea of using a narrative though her work. This narrative would in turn allow elements, often unconventional to effortlessly merge to create a coherent and exciting collection. As a designer Amelia has always enjoyed sourcing fabrics and trims, her fabrics are all individually sourced and personalised though the dyeing or distressing of the fabric from its original state. Along with her narrative fabric played a key role, as it influenced the colour palette and set the mood for the entire collection.

Her latest collection @vene_clothing was inspired by the 90’s Hip Hop scene, musicians like the Notorious B.I.G (Biggie) was the main muse of the collection. Biggie heavily inspired and represented the whole vibe and attitude of the collection. Along with the combination of men’s tailoring in the 1940’s, in particular the Zoot Suit. Together incorporated quirky prints, attitude and sophisticated silhouettes with character.