Amy McCann is a womenswear designer, specialising in Fashion Knitwear with a strong textiles background from past studies that has been successfully incorporated into her first collection. She expresses her knowledge behind the manipulation of fabrics and the keen eye she holds for 3Dimensional design. Amy’s collection boasts a range of fun candy floss pink to deep cherry red tones used in a highly sophisticated way, and finally complimented by the contrasting of shiny rose gold detailing- the fastenings and finishes embellish the surfaces and ends of her high end womenswear range.

A knowledge in fabrics and structures comes from her textiles background which has encouraged her fixation in to texture through out the collection, generated through a variety of yarns and densities of knitted fabrics the final outcome of her collection is aimed to capture the eye of the millennial woman. Her collection suggests luxury through the variety of cashmere and mohair yarns which have been thoughtfully captured to exposed the story behind her garments, the fine knits are complimented with a contrast of brushed mohair and all brought in to one through the elegance of shapes captured through draping and elongation of the garments.

Using her dissertation as a basis’ for inspiration she explored the female form as a way to create silhouettes which portray a feminine vision, this enables the commanding shapes she has created through combining components to reflect her vision on the modern female- in a fresh light way giving each piece a unique edge. Her decision to hand render and manipulate the surfaces of all her dimensional pieces expresses the eye for detail she holds, giving each garment a completely original silhouette. She believes it is incredibly important that we are allowed to express our own individuality through something we are passionate about, using her passion for artistic design she hoped for it to be recognised through her broad range of techniques used within her collection.