With a passion for sustainability in the fashion industry, Anna Chalmers is a 4th-year fashion technologist previously working in both womenswear and menswear designer based in Scotland. A soon to be graduate in Summer 2021, Anna will complete her BSc (Hons) Fashion Technology degree at Heriot-Watt University in the Scottish Borders where she hopes to pursue her ambition of working for a reputable fashion brand.

Anna’s final year collection ‘Colori Della Chiesa’ explores transformative techniques in which converts one outfit into another without having to remove garment panels or without the need of physically changing into another garment. This creates a sustainable alternative to purchasing several garments as this collection is designed with longevity properties.

With initial inspiration from Anna’s Italian heritage and multiple visits to Italy, the struggle of dressing for strong heat as well as dressing modestly to tour religious building’s created difficulty as shoulders and knees must be covered. By focusing on the pattern cutting process of an exposed outfit into a modest piece creates a transformative collection where a garment can be instantly changed into another. With inspiration taken from the Vatican City in terms of design features, colours and shapes; this becomes a main focal point in the collection, creating a contemporary everyday womenswear collection for Spring / Summer 2022.