With a passion for storytelling and an interest in creating positive and meaningful garments, Anna Lowe is a Womenswear designer based in Eastbourne and London.

During her time studying her BA in Fashion Design and Construction in University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lowe had always been focused on how clothing can be used to empower and unite women. She was the first GFF Talent post of 2019, being featured by Graduate Fashion Week for International Women’s Day.

Her collection constantly incorporates strong women from both the past and present, referencing family and historical female figures. Each of her designs began with a historical concept, she then mixed the links between past and present to create tailored garments with different compositions of colour, fabric and silhouette. She experiments with structure, draping and pleating to create strong and empowering silhouettes, with a subtle positive message “together as one”. Her collection aims to celebrate and empower women.