Anna Melegh is a footwear and accessories designer from Hungary, based in Northampton. She is finishing her BA Footwear and Accessories at the University of Northampton and also studied five years of leather design at the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest.

She is fascinated by leather and the opportunities with it, love pushing the boundaries and making a design alive. In her final collection, she was looking for an alternative material, which is biodegradable and a forgotten technique possibly could freshen up the industry and find a solution for certain waste materials.

She believes fashion has the power to highlight current issues and can respond quickly, and it reached the time for a change in the materials we use and how we manufacture the products urged by climate change. Anna is aiming to continue working on her vegetable-tanned fish leather, combining with other materials and succeeding by creating a completely biodegradable shoe for the future of fashion.

The collection aimed to ‘reinvent’ a biodegradable material by using waste by experimenting and making own fish leather.

‘I believe the change for the footwear industry; what we take from nature could return to nature.’